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Income Protection

Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life Insurance

We didn’t need a Royal Commission to tell us that insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to avoid their responsibilities.  It is all about drilling down to the fine print and knowing just what you are covered for.  It is also very important that you are totally honest and thorough in your application or you could end up paying your premiums for nothing.  This is where professional advice is so important.

We will complete your application form with you to ensure you have declared everything.  Our software allows us to compare all the good policies to find the one that best suites your needs, right down to the fine print.  If you ever do need to make a claim we will do this for you free of charge providing the insurance cover is not inside a superannuation fund.

If you want to avoid the upfront commission process for insurance, we can charge you an hourly rate for our services. Then instead of us receiving a commission you will get a reduction in your first year’s premium. If the initial upfront fee is difficult for you to fund we can take a commission instead, which will be fully disclosed when we present you with the insurance policy comparison table.

Are you confused about your insurance cover? A classic example we see on the accounting side is income insurance held inside of superannuation which makes it very difficult to access in the case of a temporary injury. We offer a free review of your insurance to explain your cover and put your mind at rest. If you decide to switch your current policy over to our licence you will be entitled to our free processing of claims service. This is a great service we support with the trail commissions paid on insurance policies. It means, that should you need to make a claim we will protect you and your family from the insurance company allowing you to concentrate on more important things.

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