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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation through Investments

Getting down to where you start to see the money.   We have a selection of well research investment products that are constantly reviewed by our licencee.  Ideally, you should have a complete financial plan prepared by our Financial Planner.

We do not receive any commissions from any of the organisations that we recommend you invest with.  You pay us direct for our services which ensures that all investments are made on the best available research at the time with consideration to your personal goals.  There will also be a fee for regular reviews and consultations.  This depends very much on your particular needs and will be explained at our first initial free interview.

Annual reviews are at your discretion which means so are any of your ongoing fees. Just for holding your investments under our licence number you will be entitled to our free basic care plan that covers:

  • Notification if your investment has been removed from our preferred product list
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Annual letter prompting you to consider a list of life events that would warrant a review of your circumstances.
  • If your insurance is also with us we provide a free processing of claims service to protect you and your family in difficult times