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Free Processing of Insurance Claims

As part of our overall plan to protect our clients we will provide a claim processing service.  Let’s face it, you are only going to be making a claim if you are going through a difficult time.  We don’t want our clients having to deal with insurance assessors at this time.  We will complete the paperwork for you and stand between you and the insurance company as much as is humanly possible.  Allowing you and your family to get on with far more important things, which is exactly why you have the insurance in the first place.

This is a free service, supported by the trails we receive from insurance companies.  Generally, our policy is to rebate to clients any commissions we receive but in the case of trails the amount is so small it is not worth the administration costs and certainly not enough to create a bias to any particular insurance policy.  This provides an added insurance policy for you, of help if and when you need it plus you can be sure that we are still completely objective in our insurance advice.

Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime things go pear shape.  Sometimes people aren’t completely aware of what their policies cover.

Please note that we will not receive trail commissions on insurance held inside of superannuation.  Accordingly, the free claims service does not apply to those policies.