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A Matter of Trust

I bet you are wondering why such a taxation obsessed firm of Accountants is getting involved in financial advice.  Well it is a matter of trust and meeting our client’s needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to give the answers damn straight when it comes to tax law, now we have the resources to answer all your financial planning questions.

Financial advice is an absolute necessity in this day and age.  There are many situations that need input from both a Financial Planner and Accountant.  Two professionals working together will enhance the result and accountability.

BAN TACS Financial Solutions provides a unique advantage, it allows our clients to be supported by their long time trusted advisor, namely their Accountant while going through the financial planning process.  To achieve the best results in your financial plan takes more knowledge than can be accumulated in one life time and a very detailed understanding of your personal circumstances and finances.  We recognise that to achieve a holistic approach to your financial needs you need both the services of a qualified Financial Planner and your Accountant who has developed a unique understanding of your personal and taxation issues over the years.  With BAN TACS Financial services there is no need for the client to be the go between advisers we will all work as a team.

Life was good back when Noel Whittaker had his practice we could refer to him with confidence.  Then Noel and Cheryl sold Whittaker Macnaught to a bank!!!! I can tell you, back then, we didn’t know how lucky we were.


With BAN TACS Financial Solutions you can be confident that wealth creation, insurance and the tax considerations are covered in the most efficient and effective way for your particular circumstances.


We can ensure that you receive objective, relevant investment and insurance advice, specific to your needs with the best tax outcome unique to your circumstances.

The BAN TACS group already have long standing licenced financial planners amongst their Accountant Practitioners.  Monika Krell has joined the team, to take on full time financial planning roles.  Together with our group of trusted advisors in specialist fields, such as aged care, that we have found over the years, we will make sure you get the best advice in all areas. Most importantly advice you can trust.

Monika Krell is based full time in our Mackay office and travels to meet with clients all around the Whitsundays.

Just like the relationship you have built with BAN TACS Accounting over the years we want BAN TACS Financial Planning to become just as comfortable and familiar.  It may simply start with consolidating you various superannuation accounts after carefully considering the insurance policies they provide.  That is right there is a lot more to it than just sending off a rollover form.  Alternatively, you may have reached that time in your life where you need to think about providing for those relying on you through insurance and need an objective comparison of the policy options.

Financial Planning is a road map to your life it starts with having insurance in the vulnerable early years, maybe some budgeting assistance then as you start to get on top of the things, moves through to wealth creation through investment and then onto retirement planning.  There is also a lot of important advice needed when it comes to aged care.

We look forward to becoming a trusted ancillary to your family’s security.


The BAN TACS Difference

BAN TACS Financial Solutions has been on a mission to find a safe solution to our clients financial planning needs.  There are two major cost saving economies in the creation of a financial planning arm of the already established BAN TACS group.

Firstly, low operating overheads as the financial planners will work in and share the resources of our already established accounting practices.

Secondly, considering the thousands of BAN TACS clients we already have Australia wide there is no need for an advertising budget.  These costs savings will allow us to provide services above and beyond the traditional financial planning model.

Over the years we have identified problems with financial planning advice.  Here is how we intend eliminating them for BAN TACS Financial Solutions clients.

A fee for service model

Ensuring client focused advice.  Further, the number clients per financial planner will be below the market average for a more personal service

Free Processing of Insurance Claims

We will process your insurance claims for you, protecting you from the insurance company and removing one complication from your life at a difficult time.

Your Trusted BAN TACS Accountant will assist in the process

Your trusted BAN TACS Accountant will help you communicate your circumstance to our Financial Planner and review the tax issues in your financial plan.  Better communication between the Financial Planner and your Accountant will provide superior tax planning as part of your financial plan and another layer of autonomy.

Advisor Incentives based on client satisfaction

The major focus of our selection criteria for financial advisors was client care and experience.  We realise that BAN TACS clients recognise and appreciate the right advice, trusting us to provide it.  We are proud to make this the core of our business model.


We are licensed through Interprac. We are not aligned with any financial, lending or investment institution. We are not required to meet any quotas or push particular products.

Interprac maintain a broad range of well researched and monitored investment products which offer us freedom of choice and gives us access to a wide range of possible solutions to best meet both your immediate and longer term financial goals.

Free Initial Interview

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Services Provided

Thanks to a wonderful network of experts we will be able to provide services in the following areas, just click to find out more:

Income Protection, Critical Illness and Life Insurance

We didn’t need a Royal Commission to tell us that insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to avoid their responsibilities. It is all about drilling down to the fine print and knowing just what you are covered for.

Wealth Creation through Investments

Getting down to where you start to see the money.   We have a selection of well research investment products that are constantly reviewed by our licencee.

Financial Plans

Wealth creation and protection.  This is your plan tailored to your needs, it can range from a budget plan to get you started all the way through to setting you up to maximise all the retirement concessions possible.

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Before you reach that crucial point in your life, retirement, it is absolutely necessary to structure your affairs for the best possible outcome.

Self Managed Superannuation

Generally a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) would be considered if you want to own direct property with the tax concessions available though superannuation.

Superannuation Review

We subscribe to software that allows us to compare the performance and fees of all the publicly available superannuation funds including industry funds.

Aged Care

The complexities of this area have created a new trap for the elderly at their most vulnerable time.

Estate and Succession Planning

You might not be able to take it with you but you can at least take some satisfaction in minimising the ATO’s share of your estate.