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Advisor Incentives & Motivation

Advisor Incentives based on client satisfaction.

Right from the start our advisors understand that the reason BAN TACS Financial Solutions came into existence is to protect our clients.  An attitude of nurturing clients is the first quality we look for in our advisors.  Our Advisors are passionate about helping people and being in a position to do that without any other pressures provides them with plenty of job satisfaction.  The ratio of clients to advisors will be low to assist in the development of better client relations through ease of access to advisors.   Our advisors are paid a good salary which is not at all based on the income they generate.   There is also a bonus system based on client satisfaction, this is where your feedback comes in, please lets us know about your experience feedback@bantacsfinancialsolutions.com.au

With the lower operating overheads of sharing resources and premises with the Accounting offices and the already established client base, so no advertising overheads we believe we can create economies that provide win wins all the way around.